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 Offering VOICE LESSONS and LANGUAGE/PRONUNCIATION DICTION COACHINGS to students of all ages & levels!



  • "Theodora is a very effective voice teacher who saw my strengths and weaknesses as a singer clearly and helped me pursue my goals while also helping my confidence. I recommend her highly!" -- Corinne M., 2018

  • "Theodora is an extremely talented and passionate voice teacher. I worked with Theodora for a year on Musical Theater and Classical voice. Not only is she extremely kind and respectful, but she pushed me to sing in a way I didn't think I could before. Through many creative exercises (and a lot of positive encouragement!), I was able to greatly expand my range in a short period of time. I would recommend Theodora to any singer looking for professional quality lessons for any singing style!" -- Aly F., 2018

  • "It was a pleasure to take lessons from Theodora! I would definitely have tried to take more lessons from her if had had the chance. She was very well-organized and focused, intentionally choosing what she wanted to work on with me each session. Having studied voice at the highest level, Theodora could teach me very valuable techniques. She brought wonderful supportive energy and an eagerness to help me grow. Theodora is an exceptionally kind, positive and committed teacher." -- Mirella G., 2018

  • "I started voice lessons with Theodora back in high school junior year when I decided to sing on a whim. I have to say, Theodora's understanding of music and singing made me love it significantly more than I thought. Her understanding of vocal pedagogy and classical technique helped me develop my voice far more quickly than I expected and helped me develop a fascination with voice. Though I ended up pursuing jazz voice lessons in university, I would highly recommend lessons with her; the classical technique she teaches in her lessons are invaluable for singers of any style." -- Kevin M., 2016

  • "I really enjoyed working with Theodora. She's generally a delightful person to be around, and she did a great job helping me find my voice and ways to practice what I needed to work on. She is a great listener from a technical standpoint and in that if I told her something didn't feel like it was working for me, she would be happy to adjust the lesson to make it more comfortable and beneficial to my singing. She has a great amount of knowledge and passion in relation to the voice, and she shares it clearly. She was supportive even on days when I didn't feel up to the challenge of whatever we were working on, and I always felt better about my singing and my day after each lesson." -- Rowyn P., 2018

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